Emergency Eye Care

Available during office hours and from on-call service

At Bishop Eye Center, we take emergency vision and eye care needs VERY seriously.

During normal office hours

We strive to accommodate emergencies, such as red or painful eyes, foreign bodies in the eyes, and sudden vision changes or flashes of light – even for new patients.

In the interest of time, if your health insurance plan requires authorization from your primary care physician, please let us know in advance.

After hours

If you are not currently a Bishop Eye Center patient, you should immediately contact the hospital emergency room closest to you.

For current Bishop Eye Center patients, the on–call doctor will handle emergencies. Just call the emergency number provided on our recorded office message.

Do not hesitate to call us immediately — even if it’s after-hours or on the weekend — if you have:

  • New-onset red, painful eye
  • Foreign body in the eye
  • Cuts or scratches in and around the eye
  • New floaters or flashes of light
  • Loss or acute change of vision
  • Sports injuries

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