Contact Lenses

Do you have an irregular cornea that cannot be corrected by a conventional glasses prescription? Or are you just tired of wearing glasses everyday?

We can successfully fit most patients with contact lenses that enhance both vision and quality of life. We fit spherical, toric, bifocal, and multifocal soft contact lenses as well as rigid gas permeable contact lenses. We also fits large diameter scleral lenses that can correct for corneal irregularity secondary to injury, corneal surgery, or severe dry eye disease.

You may be a candidate for contact lenses if:

You wear glasses.

With current lens technology, almost anyone who wears glasses can be successfully fitted with contact lenses.

You have astigmatism.

In the past, patients with astigmatism were challenging or impossible to fit with contact lenses. With newer technology and products, contact lens correction for astigmatism is quite successful.

You have keratoconus.

Patients with the corneal condition keratoconus typically need rigid gas permeable lenses or sclera lenses to achieve optimum vision.

You have had RK.

Patients who have had Radial Keratotomy can often enhance their vision with rigid gas permeable lenses.

You are wary of laser surgery.

Corneal laser surgery is a very successful safe way of achieving vision correction. Unfortunately, some people are uncomfortable with the idea of eye surgery. Fortunately, contact lenses are a great way to gain independence from glasses without surgery.

The patient is too young for laser corrective surgery.

Children 18 and under, or patients whose prescriptions change frequently, are not good candidates for laser corrective surgery. However, they often do very well with contact lenses.

You have a history of corneal trauma or irregularity.

Patients with corneal irregularity due to trauma, eye surgery, or advanced corneal surface disease can often be helped with scleral therapeutic contact lenses.

You are active in golf, tennis, or other sports.

Contact lenses to be a great alternative to glasses for active patients. Contacts do not fog up or slip off in hot, humid conditions. Contact lenses also offer the advantage of enhanced peripheral vision during sports.